Israeli soldiers invaded Zabbouba village, North West of the West Bank city of Jenin, and imposed curfew barring the residents from leaving their homes.

Mohammad Jaradat, head of the village council, reported that soldiers invaded it after midnight, fired flares and rounds of live ammunition and broke into dozens of homes including his home.

Jaradat stated that soldiers claimed that someone cut the fence which surrounds the village and demanded him to investigate this act.

“They told me that cutting the fence might endanger the residents, since it enables the settlers to enter the village”, Jaradat said, “They held me responsible to this act, but I told them that I am not one of their policemen”.

Also, Jaradat added that soldiers threatened him to bar the residents from reaching their orchards in order to pick their olives.

On Friday morning soldiers imposed curfew over the village, after surrounding it, and barred the residents from leaving their homes.