A medical source in Tulkarem reported, on Friday morning, that one resident was killed, another seriously injured, after a speeding military jeep, driving on the wrong side of the road, crushed into their car, near Nour Shams refugee camp, in Tulkarem.

Dr. Husam Al Talab, head of Dr, Thabit Thabit Governmental Hospital, reported that the two residents were admitted to the hospital late on Thursday at night after the speeding military jeep drove into their car on Nablus-Tulkarem road.

Dr. Al Talab stated that resident Baha’ Fawwaz Thiab, 22, died of serious wounds and fractions which were mainly in his head and neck.

Thiab died at an Israeli hospital after he was transferred their upon his family’s request; the transfer was carried out after coordinating it with the Israeli District Coordination Office.

Also, resident Ashraf Masoud Al Hafi, 21, was seriously injured and sustained a fraction in his thigh bone.