Sheikh Khaled Al Batsh, one of the political leaders of
the Islamic Jihad, said that the movement rejects creating a “security
zone” north of the Gaza Strip, and vowed to resume its resistance in
the occupied territories.

“Creating a security zone north of the Gaza Strip means Israeli
control over the area”, Al Batsh said, “We demand the International
community to reject this project”.

Al Batsh called in the resistance factions, namely Al Qassaam, Al
Quds, and Abu Ali Mustafa brigades, to resume their resistance against
the occupation, and to unite in order to counter the Israeli violations
and expansions in the occupied territories. 

The statement of Al Batsh came after the Israeli Defense Minister,
Shaul Mofaz, said on Friday, that Israel will construct a security zone
north in the northern part of the Gaza Strip; the planned zone will be
150 meters wide.