A group of fifty settlers of Efrat settlement burnt, on Saturday afternoon, 50 vine groves in Aqbat Ayed area, in Al Khader south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

The burnt groves belong to resident Mousa Ayesh.

Ziad Salah, who works with the Palestinian Agricultural Relief, reported that the settlers are attempting to bar the residents from reaching their farmlands by conducting repeated attacks against them and their groves.

Also, Salah stated that the soldiers are also demanding the residents to obtain special permits in order to be able to enter their lands located near Efrat settlement.


In a separate incident, settlers poisoned a cow which belongs to resident Mustafa Amarna, while he was herding it in Wad Al Ghaweet area, west of the village.

Salah said that an extremist settler known as Hanania, and a group of settlers, increased their attacks against the residents of the village and their properties; the settlers destroyed a bulldozer which belongs to a resident from the village, and damaged equipment used by the villagers.