The Palestinian Prisoners Society reported on Sunday afternoon, that detainee Yacoub Abu Asab, from Jerusalem, was poisoned after eating corrupt food in Al Maskobiyya prison, in Jerusalem.

Lawyer of the society, Fahmi Al Owaiwy, reported that Abu Asab was poisoned during interrogation, after an interrogator brought him food.

Al Owaiwy stated that 40 minutes after eating the food, detainee Abu Asab contracted sever pain and suffered diarrhea.

The prison’s doctor reported that all tests showed that Abu Asab was poisoned.

Also, detainee Adham Mahmoud Abu Rahma, 20 years old from Ramallah, said that the prison administration cut the power supply providing the cells with electricity and the air-conditioning system, which significantly raised the temperature, especially in the cells.

Abu Rahma said that he is suffering from Asthma, and had to place his nose under the door in an attempt to breathe some fresh air. 

In a separate incident, detainee Nidal Raja Hazboun, from Bethlehem, was transferred from Al Maskobiyya detention facility to an Israeli hospital after test results reveals that he is suffering from stones in his Kidneys. (Nephrolithiasis or renal stone disease).

Detainee Ayed Khaleel Hoshiyya, from Bethlehem, informed lawyer Al Owaiwy that the conditions in the detention facility are very bad, adding that the detainees are placed in small cells; every five detainees are placed in a 2.5X2 square meters. 

The cells do not have a source for drinking water which forces them to drink from the shower.