Dozens of workers were barred, on Tuesday, from crossing into Israel through Alfeh Menashe checkpoint, near Qalqilia, in spite of carrying the needed work and entry permits, Palestine News Network (PNN) reported.

One of the workers told the PNN that soldiers were intensively deployed in the area, and violently interrogated dozens of workers and forced them back.

Naji Daoud, one of the workers, said that the huge presence of the soldiers at the checkpoint barred some workers even from reaching the main inspection area.

“It seems that they withdrew their forces from Gaza, and installed them here”, Daoud said an in ironical manner, “I have never seen such a huge military presence on one checkpoint”.

Also, merchants who use the checkpoint to transfer goods to and from Israel said that the soldiers also barred them from crossing after claiming that the Trade checkpoint is now near Tulkarem. 


A Palestinian security source reported that Israeli soldiers intensified their military procedures in Qalqilia area, and installed additional checkpoints on roads leading to several villages around the city.