Female detainees in Telmond detention facility sent a letter to Palestine News Network complaining of bad conditions and treatment they face in Telmond detention facility.

“We are living in real graves, we send you this letter to reveal our misery and pain, and expose the military actions and abuse, to the world”, the letter reads.

“One Thursday, 15/9/2005, soldiers attacked us in our rooms, they started searching us and our belongings in the rooms, and then one female soldier starting hitting a detainee and insulting her, she forced her to undress and sprayed her with gas before hitting and clubbing her, on her body and head”.

After this attack, the detainees were forced to assemble at the prison yard, and were attacked and clubbed there.

Also, the detainees added in their letter that soldiers used electrified batons against them; several detainees fell unconscious, including detainee Manal Ghanim and her child Nour, who is under his mother’s car.

The detainees also said that prison administration demanded the representative of the detainee to have them out of their rooms to the yard again, and attacked them again.

Detainee Nisreen Abu Zeina, Abeer Nada, Umayya Al Danj and Rawiya Al Sheikh were badly injured, especially in the head; the four detainees were taken to an unknown location.  

Recently freed detainee, who chose not to remain anonymous, said that female soldiers were touching and pressing on their private body parts, and threatened to take pictures of them after forcing them to undress, in addition to threatening them of rape. 

The detainees appealed the Palestinian Authority, especially the Minister of Detainees, Sufian Abu Zaida, and the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to conduct all of the needed procedures in order to relieve the detainees from their suffering in Israeli prisons.

“We do not know anything about the four detainees who were taken away” the detainees said in their letter, “We need you to support and help us is acts not in words”.