The Palestinian Authority announced on Tuesday that it rejects any international presence at the Rafah Border Crossing, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

“There is no need for international presence besides our forces and the Egyptians”, Palestinian National Security Advisor, Jebril Rajoub, said, “We do not need a third party at the crossing, the Palestinian-Egyptian arrangements will be based on international standards”.

The statements of Rajoub came after Israel announced that it accepts the presence of international monitors at the borders.

Also, Rajoub added that the Rafah Border Crossing will be opened on Friday and Saturday to enable the students and residents who have residency permits abroad to cross freely.

The Palestinian Ministry of Civil Affairs said that the P.A and Israel has agreed on operating Al Karama Crossing between the P.A and Jordan, in order to facilitate the movement of the residents, especially the students, residents who need medical treatment abroad and the residents who carry residency permits in different countries.

Meanwhile, a senior P.A source reported that a Palestinian – Egyptian meeting will take place on Wednesday to discuss arrangements on the Rafah Crossing.