Mohammad Ghazal, one of Hamas political leaders in the West Bank, told Reuters that his movement could change a charter in its policy which calls for the destruction of the state of Israel and hold negotiations with it.

“It is our belief that all Palestine belongs to the Palestinians”, Ghazal said, “But now we are talking about realities and political solutions”.

According to Ghazal, talks with Israel depend on its withdrawal from the West Bank and the East of Jerusalem in order to allow the creation of a Palestinian independent state, and an Israeli recognition of the refugee’s right of return.


“It is still early, I believe, to recognize Israel, while it does not recognize me as a victim”, Ghazal added.

Also, Ghazal added that the movement does not have a problem in negotiating with Israel if “the Israelis reach the stage of negotiating with us”.

Ghazal commented on Israel’s objection to Hamas participation in the Palestinian legislative elections, by saying that such statements are strengthening and serving Hamas.

He added that he fear that the United States could press Abbas to postpone the already delayed elections; Hamas believes that the US and Israel would press Abbas delay the election because they believe that Hamas could do well, and win the majority of the seats against Fateh movement, which is weakened by corruption. 

Hamas recently started moving towards a political mainstream, and started working on achieving greater international acceptance. It said that it could declare a long-term truce if Israel withdraws from all of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.