An Israeli military source reported on Wednesday afternoon, that a group of settlers attacked the convoy of the Israeli Central Command Chief, Ya’ir Naveh, near the West Bank settlement of Yithar.

The source stated that settlers placed spikes on the road, and hurled stones at the convoy as it approached the settlement, no injuries were reported.

Naveh landed on a hill close to the settlement, and was spotted by settlers who closed the streets and placed spikes.

Naveh was accompanied by senior Israeli officers who came to the “regional headquarters” for consultations regarding pullout arrangements; the convoy had to stop in Yitzhar after a soldier spotted the spikes placed on the road.

As the soldiers started clearing the spikes, a group of thirty settlers gathered around them in an attempt to block their way, and hurled stones at the convoy as it continued it way after clearing the road, no injuries were reported. 

“The jeeps where Naveh was traveling had a flat tire”, an Israeli military source said, “but the officers continued driving, while settlers were yelling at them and saying ‘Jews do not expel Jews’”.

After the army filed a complaint to the regional police, Israeli border guard units were dispatched in the scene, the police said it will probe the incident.