The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said that it rejects to become a political party after the upcoming Palestinian Legislative Elections.

Mosheer Al Masry, Hamas media spokesperson, said that the movement will not transform into a political party as long as the Palestinian territories are still occupied.

“We decided to participate in the elections as part of our legitimate struggle against the occupation”, Al Masry said, “Resistance is a legitimate and strategic right, Hamas will not disarm”.

Also, Al Masry added that the upcoming meeting between the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, and the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, will not bring any “fruitful” results, since “Sharon only wants the Palestinians to obey his dictations”.

Al Masry demanded Abbas not to meet Sharon and to stop all talks with Israel, “since the negotiations did not achieve any positive results to the Palestinian people”, according to Al Masry.

Al Masry also said that Israel is targeting all of the Palestinian factions, in its statements and actions.

“Now they are targeting Hamas, and demanding Abbas not to allow us participate in the election”, Al Masry said, “They will target the Islamic Jihad and the rest of the Palestinian factions, we should all be united; the P.A should unite with the people and the factions in one firm stance”. 

“Israel is manipulating the situation, it is attempting to interfere in Palestinian internal affairs in an attempt to break our unity “, Al Masry added, “They are trying to divide us, but we will not fall into their trap”.

Commenting on chaos and insecurity in the Palestinian areas, Al Masry said that Hamas is ready to cooperate with the P.A and counter all sorts of violence and insecurity, in order to protect the Palestinian struggle, and achievements.