Yuval Diskin, Israel Security Service Chief  (Shin Bet), said on Wednesday that the two terrorist attacks carried out by Jews during disengagement period, occurred as a result of failure on the part of the security services.

Eight Arabs were killed in two terrorist attacked carried out in Shfam-Amr Arabic town, in Israel, and the West Bank settlement of Shiloh.

According to Diskin, both terrorists were working on their own, and did not inform anybody of their intentions, even to their close friends.

The first terrorist attack was carried out on August 4, 2005, when a Jewish settler-soldier, identified as Eden Natan-Zada, staged on a bus heading to the Arab town of Shfa-Amr, and opened fire at the passengers killing four, including two sisters.


The second terrorist attack was carried out by Asher Weisgan, a settler of Shiloh settlement in the West Bank, who opened fire at Palestinian workers, killing four. 


Diskin stated that the Shin Bet conducted what he described a “judgment error” by failing to recommend that Zada should not be in the army since he had close ties with the outlawed extreme-right Kach movement.

“This issue shows a clear failure on our side”, Diskin said, “There is a big failure in information transfer between the security services and the army”. 

Also, Diskin said that the Shin Bet does now know of any concrete plans to harm the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, but added that the Israeli security did not reduce the level of assessment regarding serious threats to Sharon’s life.

Diskin called on Israel to demonstrate “understanding” toward the settlers who were evacuated from the Gaza Strip and the northern west Bank, saying that the level of violence practiced by the settlers was “low”.

“In this case, the other side of the conflict was not Hamas, or the Islamic Jihad”, Diskin said, “I was disturbed by reports described the completion of evacuation as a victory”.

Diskin also charged that the Palestinian Authority failed to fulfill its obligations and commitments, adding that weapons were smuggled through the Gaza-Egypt border after the Israeli withdrawal.

“The Palestinian Authority is barely functioning in the Wets Bank and the Gaza Strip” Diskin said, “Hamas is strengthening and gaining more support”.


Diskin also advised the Israelis not to travel to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, claiming that an “International terror cell is still operating actively there”.