Thursday morning, a medical source at Khaleel Suleiman hospital in Jenin, reported that one resident died of wound sustained on Wednesday evening after soldiers based at a military installation fired at him.

A medical source in Jenin reported that resident Ala’ Adnan Handooli, 19, from Sielet Al Thaher village south of Jenin, was shot three times in his chest after soldiers based at Dotan military camp fired at him.

The Israeli army claims that Handooli entered the military installation, and ignored the soldiers’ warnings to stop.

Palestinian security officials said that Handooli entered the military installation near Jenin along with nine other residents who thought that the base had been evacuated.

Dotan military camp is slated for evacuation in the coming days, after Israel completed the evacuation of Homesh and Sa-Nur last month as part of its disengagement plan.