The Tel Aviv central Israeli Court convicted a detainee from the West Bank city of Tulkarem, of killing 35 Israelis in two bombings which took place in 2001, and 2002.

The Israeli prosecution claimed that Abbas Al Sayyed is one of the prominent members of Hamas’ military wing.

According to the conviction, Al Sayyed is responsible of dispatching a bomber to the Park Hotel in Netanya mid March 2002; 30 Israelis were killed.

Also, the court held Al Sayyed responsible for dispatching a bomber to Netanya in May 2001, five Israelis were killed.


Attorney Nir Mamon, who represented Al Sayyed on behalf of the Public Defender’s Office, said he intends to appeal the conviction.

“There have been unusual measures employed against him, but the court did not attribute to them the weight we wanted”, Mamon said, “Al Sayyed did not testify, he does not trust the Israeli justice system”.

Al Sayyed said that he is not a Hamas leader, and did not undertake any attacks against Israel, and pleaded not guilty to all charges, “but his refusal to testify was used against him”, Mamon said. 


An attorney for the Israeli prosecution said that she intends to ask for 35 consecutive life terms, and additional imprisonment time.

In August 2002, Israel charged Al Sayyed with planning further suicide bombings in Israel, and that he already prepared two more bombers, explosive belts and a bottle cyanide to be used for a mass poison attack, according to the prosecution.


“He was charged with 35 counts of murder, attempted murder, causing injuries murderous intentions, and membership of a terror organization”, the Israeli Ynet online daily reported.

Also, prosecution believes that Al Sayyed had direct contact with Hamas leadership in Syria, and that Hamas leaders in Syria transferred thousands of dollars to him in order to purchase weapons.