After meeting Palestinian President
Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday evening at the Palestinian Authority
headquarters in Gaza city, Palestinian factions agreed to end the
display of weapons in the Palestinian areas, Palestinian sources

The move, which also includes ending display of weapons in the celebrations, should be implemented by Saturday.

Sa’eed Syam, a prominent leader of Hamas told the
press conference that followed the meeting that the Palestinian
factions will deal with this issue in a great deal of responsibility
remarking that the resistance weapon is ‘Patriotic’, yet, what the
factions are interested in, is to avoid negative impacts that could
result from the display of weapons in public, which affects security.

‘There is a Palestinian consensus to end the
celebrations by Saturday to give our people enough chance to express
their joy of their victory, it is natural to end the display of weapon
in the Palestinian streets now,’ Syam.

A recent poll conducted by Al-Najjah University
revealed that around 54 percent of the Palestinians say there is no
need for weapons other than that of the Palestinian National Security
Forces.  The poll included Palestinians in the west Bank and Gaza

Ending the display of weapons would be a big help
for the Palestinian Authority and would ease its task to maintain law
and order especially in the evacuated areas in the Gaza Strip.