Lawyer of Ramallah office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society Sana’ Dweik, reported that young detainees in Hasharon detention facility are placed in over crowded rooms, and deprived of their basic rights and needs.

Dweik stated that each branch in Hasharon facility contains at least 80 detainees, and added that sections 1, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are the most crowded, while the detainees are suffering bad living conditions and treatment. 


Dweik met with four young detainees identified as Saleem Al Jo’ba, Ahmad Abu Hijla, Shadi Bassa, and Ata Bassa. The detainees complained that they are not provided with sufficient food, and do not have electrical equipment, such as tools to boil water for tea, while the administration insists that the detainees should buy the equipment. 

Dweik also said that detainee Adi Samara is barred from his visitation rights since he was arrested three years ago; the administration claims that he is barred from his visitation rights for “security reasons” without providing any details. 

“The administration keeps delaying the entry of food and basic tools the detainees needs”, Dweik said, “it takes a long period of time until we manage to provide the detainees with some of what they need”.

According to Dweik, the current administration in Hasharon detention facility will be changed, but the figures of the new administration are known of their brutality with the detainees, which might cause clashes in the facility.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society appealed humanitarian organizations and international human rights institutions to interfere in order to improve the living conditions of the detainees, and provide them with their basic rights, guaranteed by the International Law.