Israeli Prime minister, Ariel Sharon, dismissed the statements of his advisor regarding possibility that Israel would consider another pullout from the West Bank in the future.

Sharon also said that the Road Map Plan is the only viable diplomatic plan, although he said that Israel would change the plan in accordance to its vision of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Speaking at the Israeli Center for Administration in Tel Aviv, Sharon commented on the statements of his advisor Eyal Arad, who said that Israel should consider another disengagement, by saying that these are “baseless rumors”.

“There is only one plan, The Road Map Plan”, Sharon said, “There is no better plan for Israel’s future”.

The Israeli online daily Ynentnews reported that several ambassadors phoned Sharon’s office on Wednesday to find out whether there is another plan, US representatives in Israel expressed astonishment after learning that Sharon would change the agreed-upon Road Map Plan.

Also, Sharon added that Israel has a “unique opportunity” after implementing the disengagement plan.

“Now, the whole world knows that there will be no diplomatic process with security for Israel”, Sharon said, “The International Community has accepted our position”.

Referring to negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Sharon said that the P.A should first disarm all of the resistance factions, “Only after they do so, we will be able to negotiate”.