Leader of the Aqsa Martyr Brigades in the West Bank Zakaria Al-Zubeidi declared that his group is not committed to the declared calm as a response to the assassination of Samer Al-Sa’di a top Aqsa Brigades operative in Jenin on Thursday.

‘Calm can go to hell’ said Al-Zubeidi at the wake of his killed companion Al-Sa’di, adding that we have been committed to calm as a support to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, but Israel did not commit to it. 

Al-Zubeidi told Palestine News Network that the brigades will respond to the Israeli attacks saying that they ‘gave many chances for the diplomacy, however, with the death of Al-Sa’adi, and the other two this morning.’

Asked whether the brigades will carry out attacks inside Israel, Al-Zubeidi said, ‘the resistance will be everywhere, and it will continue.’

Israeli army invades Jenin area, kills three

A large Israeli army force killed three Palestinians in Jenin area in the West Bank in a predawn invasion, a Palestinian source reported on Thursday morning.

Two, said to be operatives of the Islamic Jihad, were killed after clashing with the Israeli soldiers who surrounded their house in the village of Burqin, near Jenin.

Palestinians identified the two men as Nidal Khlouf, 32, and Samar Shalaby, 24. An Israeli military source reported that soldiers found assault rifles and ammunition clips on their bodies.

Eyewitnesses said, troops invaded the village, and held a wide house-to-house search before clashing with the two and killing them.

The third, identified as Samer Al-Sa’di, 30, was killed in the city of Jenin after clashing with another Israeli military force which invaded the city, according to the source.

The source added that Al-Sa’di is a top leader at the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed resistance wing of Fatah.

Palestinian residents said that the soldiers took position in several neighborhoods in Jenin, and started invading houses amid intensive gunfire and explosions of stun grenades, before killing Al-Sa’di.

This invasion comes on the sixth day of an Israeli military operation in the West Bank targeting the Palestinian resistance men accompanied by continuous artillery shelling and air strikes against Palestinian targets in the Gaza Strip.