Three Palestinian were killed on Sunday at night, during a gun battle which inflamed between Hamas fighters and members of the Palestinian security in Gaza; some fifty residents, including children, were injured.

One policeman, and one woman are among the dead; 40 Hamas members and 10 Palestinian officers were injured, during the heaving exchange of gunfire witch erupted in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, and Al Shaty’ refugee camp in Gaza.

A Palestinian security source said that Hamas fighters fired RPG shells at Palestinian police stations in several neighborhoods in Gaza City. 

The source stated that a number of police stations were completely demolish; the P.A blamed Hamas for the escalation.


On Sunday evening, Mohammad Nazzal, member of Hamas political bureau accused the figures at the P.A of providing it with false reports in order to inflame a conflict between the movement and the P.A.

Nazzal did not specify certain figures, but said that the movement will bar these figures from becoming powerful at the P.A since “they have bloody hands”.

Two killed, dozens injured, in clashes between Hamas and P.A security

Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

A Palestinian security source reported on Sunday at night, that two Palestinians were killed, dozens were injured, during a fire exchange which erupted between Hamas gunmen and Palestinian security men, in Al Shaty’ refugee camp and Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza. 

One of the killed is a Palestinian policeman, identified as General Ali Mackawi, head of the Palestinian police force in Al Shaty’ refugee camp. Women and children are among teh injured.

The source stated that armed Hamas fighters were driving a car in Gaza, and clashed with the police after they attempted to confiscate their weapons; one resident, and one policeman, were killed.

“The Policemen stopped the fighters as part of the P.A campaign to bar all sorts of weapon display”, a Palestinian security source reported, “but they did not follow the instructions of the policemen and clashed with them”.


Meanwhile, Al Qassam brigades, the military wing of Hamas said that the policemen fired at the car of the son of Dr. Abdul Aziz Rantissi, a Hamas leader who was assassinated by the Israeli army, in spite that he was not armed, according to the brigades. 

Palestinian policemen said that they were attempting to arrest the son of Rantissi for carrying his weapon in a public place.

Palestinian Authority Police Chief in Gaza Ala’ Husni, announced last week that only the Palestinian police and security are allowed to carry weapons in the street.

‘The weapons’ role on the street is over, they should be removed, and not be played,’ Husni said.

The Palestinian police reported that fighters fired RPG shells at a Palestinian police station, and set several police vehicles on fire.

The clashes spread fast in the streets of Gaza, while Hamas men hurled stones at the police vehicles; Palestinian police fired back inflaming more tension in the area, eyewitnesses reported.