The Israeli army imposed full closure over the Palestinian occupied territories, and increased military presence in the central cities and junctions in Israel as it starts Jewish New Year celebrations on Monday evening.

Dozens of roadblocks were installed in the Palestinian areas as part of the full closure which will last until Thursday at dawn.

Ilan Franco, Jerusalem Police Chief, said that the Israeli security devices have no specific warning of any “planned attacks”, but the police believe that some Palestinians might try to leave Gaza to the West Bank and then to Jerusalem. 

“The ‘Jerusalem envelope’ makes it somehow easier to close the city”, Franco said while referring to the Separation Wall, “For an entire year, we had no major attacks in the city”.

Meanwhile, an Israeli security source reported on Monday morning, that thousands of police officers and soldiers went on alert throughout the country;

“The alert will extend throughout the month”, the source added.

Earlier on Monday at dawn, 40 Palestinian residents were arrested in the West Bank cties of Ramallah, Hebron, Tulkarem, Qalqila and Bethlehem.

Every year during Jewish feasts, and even before Al Aqsa Intifada had started, Israel imposes full closure over the Palestinian territories and around Jerusalem barring the residents from entering it, even those who already have entry permits to the city.