The UN Commission of Human Rights (UNCHR) held Israel responsible for the death of 33 newborn babies, after soldiers banned the mothers, while laboring, from crossing military roadblocks on their way to hospitals.

The UNCHR sent letters to the different bodies of the UN, to tackle the issue of the pregnant Palestinian women who are propelled to deliver their babies at the Israeli checkpoints, after the soldiers bar them from crossing.

Also, the UNCHR reported that the Secretary General of the UN sent on July 11, 2004 a verbal note to the Permanent Delegation of the Israeli government and the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine, demanding Israel to end its violations and guarantees the movement of the residents, especially urgent cases.  

A report prepared by three organizations working in the domain of human and women rights, made clear that 55 women gave birth to their children at military checkpoints, since the beginning of Al Aqsa Intifada in 2000 until March 2004; 33 babies of the 55 died.

Also, the percentage of the pregnant women who delivered their babies under medical care of specialist physicians decreased from 97% in 2000 to 67% in 2002.

Furthermore, military roadblocks and closure imposed over the Palestinian territories barred hundreds of pregnant women from received the needed medical checkups and tests during the course of pregnancy.