Physicians For Human Rights organization (PHR) demanded the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to release all o the Palestinian detainees from in Israeli detention facilities as a good will gesture.

The PHR also demanded Israel to allow the families of the detainees to visit their detained family members during the upcoming Muslim month of Ramadan.

“Israel is detaining some 10000 Palestinians, including 300 children, in its detention facilities”, the PHR reported, “Since most of the detainees are detained in detention facilities inside Israel, their families are not able to visit them”.

The PHR stated that spouses and family members of the detainees are unable to visit them, especially when Israel declares the Palestinian areas as closed military zones.

“This year, Jewish and Muslim feast are in the same time frame, we appeal Israel to show some good will measures, and release hundreds of detainees, which will mark the first step towards releasing all of the detainees in Israel detention facilities”. 

Also, the PHR demanded Israel to facilitate the movement of the parents of the detainees, especially those who are barred from entering Israel, since visitation rights to all detainees are guaranteed by the International Law and should be respected by Israel.