A Palestinian security source reported one Monday afternoon that Palestinian policemen broke into the building of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza, during burial ceremonies of the three residents killed on Sunday at night in clashes between P.A and Hamas fighters.

Three Palestinians were killed, including a P.A officer, on Sunday at night, dozens of residents including women and children were injured in the clashes which took place between Hamas fighters and P.A security men in the Gaza Strip.

A source at the legislative council reported that the policemen broke into the PLC building in protest to the meetings the Higher Follow-up Committee is holding with Hamas at the PLC building.


The protestors did not break into the chamber where the meeting was taking place, and were removed out of the building, but continued firing in the air outside the PLC building.

Palestinian policemen topped the PLC building and demanded the council to stop its talks with Hamas since it “considers itself above the law”, a Palestinian policeman said.

Head of the PLC, Rawhi Fattouh, had to put the meeting on hold for 30 minutes; the meeting was designated to discuss the insecurity in the Gaza Strip and state of the government of P.A Prime Minister, Ahmad Qurei.

Hasan Khreisha, vice-president of the PLC, said that the Minister of Interior, General Nassr Yousef failed to fulfill his responsibilities.

On Monday afternoon, sever clashes and fire-exchange took place between Palestinian policemen and armed Hamas men, during the burial ceremonies of the three residents killed on Sunday at night.

Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that the P.A will not remain silent to the confrontations with Hamas, and called on the security devices to end all sorts of chaos.

“We are ready to use all means in order to bar and end the public display of weapons”, Abbas said.

Abbas talking to the family of Officer Ali Mackawi, who was killed on Sunday’s clashes in Al Shaty’ refugee camp, said that the Palestinian people reject these acts and violations.

“This shows irresponsibility, and distorts our image as a nation which fights for its freedom”, Abbas said, “Officer Mackawi was killed in the line of duty, we are responsible for him, and we will stand for our responsibility, we must end this chaos”.

Senior Israeli officials said they were “encouraged” by the Palestinian Authority’s show of force against Hamas, but added it is too early to judge whether this is the beginning of a crackdown on the movement.