The Palestinian parliamentary committee, which is designated to discuss the security deteriorating in the Palestinian areas, recommended the parliament vote no-confidence against the government of Qurei.

The parliamentary committee was established a few weeks ago in order to discuss the deteriorating security situation in the Palestinian controlled areas.


Also, the committee recommended that P.A chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, should dismiss all security commanders and their deputies after charging that they failed to fulfill their duties, and failed to act against chaos in the Palestinian areas.

The committee also recommended that Abbas should dismiss General Nasser Yousef, the Palestinian Minister of Interior, and called on Abbas to take drastic measures in order to carry a positive change in the P.A areas.

Also, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, decided last week to grant the Palestinian Supreme Council, which is headed by him, more security powers which are held by Yousef.

The Supreme Council will be able to appoint and dismiss commanders, and will be entitled to setting working plans of security facilities in order counter chaos.

The recent measures taken by the P.A, and its head Abbas, are intended to minimize the disorder inside Fateh movement ahead of the Legislative Elections which will take place in January 2006.

Senior aides of the Palestinian president said that the P.A wishes to achieve security to its residents, and protect them from internal conflicts, but this cannot be achieved as long as some factions and private bodies are taking the law into their own hands, which causes more chaos and conflict in the Palestinian areas.