Deputy Jordanian Prime Minister, Marwan Muasher, stated on Monday that King Abdullah of Jordan, has postponed his visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, and set no new date for his visit.

Muasher reported that Jordan is holding talks with Palestinian and Israeli officials to reschedule the visit, but no specific date was set. 

Muasher did not elaborate on the reasons behind postponing the visit, but stated that the “security conditions are not right at the current time”.

The King was expected to visit the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, in Ramallah, and the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon in Tel Aviv, in order to “encourage” the renewal of the peace process.

Last month, King Abdullah met with Sharon on the sidelines of United Nations summit in New York, which was observed as a positive step towards better relations between the two countries.

King Abdullah said that he hopes that the Gaza pullout will mark the first step towards further withdrawals from the West Bank as part of the Road Map Plan. 

The US president, George W. Bush, asked King Abdullah recently to visit Israel and the Palestinian areas in order to advance the peace talks between the two sides.