The Israeli Central Court, in Jerusalem, indicted two settlers from Keryat Araba’ settlement, in the West Bank city of Hebron, of abducting and abducting and abusing two Arab youth from the Negev.

The court sentenced Tofia Hanoukh-Zleger, who works a security official in Keryat Arba’ settlement, to six months, and Alexander Koghin, a security ranger at the settlement, to four months.

Also, the court ruled that each of the defendants should pay a sum of 5000 NIS to the two residents. 

The incident took place last year; the two settlers abducted and attacked two Palestinian residents, severely punched and clubbed them, and threatened to kill them.

The two settlers claimed that the two Palestinians dated two settler girls and took them to their homes in Hebron.

The security official, the ranger of the settlement and a third settler youth, abducted the two Palestinians and attacked them, an Israeli source reported.

The two residents were left bleeding in an isolated area; they crawled to their car and found out that it windows were kroken, tired flattened, and a 4800 NIS stereo stolen.