The Israeli Supreme Court ruled this week against using Palestinians as human shields by the Israeli army.

A local Palestinian newspaper said that Israeli military sources claimed that the army has stopped using Palestinian civilians as human shields during their invasions to Palestinian cities and refugee camps to arrest Palestinian resistance men, and used special dogs from a unit called ”Okits’ instead.

Some army officers, however, object using dogs as shields. The army has expressed concerns over using dogs as shields since it is ‘Live Stock’, which according to Israeli army regulations, should not be used in case of danger, fearing that they might be harmed.

The source added that the dogs become dangerous if they get scared and they might harm those around them.

Using Palestinian civilians as human shields was prohibited by the court, only recently; however, the army has been doing that constantly.

The ban by the Supreme Court does not necessarily mean that the army will stop using Palestinians as human shields.

It is true that a Palestinian will refrain from shooting at the army if he sees another fellow Palestinian walking in front of the jeep; however, most of the arrest invasions occur at night or pre-dawn.

In a nutshell, life of a dog is worth more than life of a Palestinian in Israeli Army standards.