A Palestinian political source reported that difference emerged during the Palestinian-Israeli meeting on Sunday, which brought the meeting to its end without any positive outcome.

Palestinian chief negotiator, Dr. Saeb Erekat met with Sharon’s’ advisor, Dove Weissglass on Sunday and decided to meet again on Monday in an attempt to settle their differences before the Abbas-Sharon summit.

The main obstacle was the issue of Palestinian detainees in Israel detention facilities. Israel rejected to release additional detainees, and insisted on labeling the detainees in any future release.

Another important issue which remained unsolved is further Israeli withdrawals from the West Bank and to hand the P.A the security control of areas to be evacuated in the West Bank.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said during a government session, that the summit between him and Abbas slated for Tuesday might be delayed in order to conduct further talks and arrangements.

Also, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday that he does not intend to attend a fruitless summit which only aims to grab the attention of the media.

Palestinian Minister of Planning Dr. Ghassan Khateeb said that the talks between the P.A and Israel did not achieve any positive outcome yet.

“We want to conduct all needed preparations, we want this summit to bring about a positive change in several issues, namely the detainees, borders, wanted fighters and other issues” Khateeb said, “the political process should advance, we want official negotiations based on the principles on the international legitimacy”.  

Al Khateeb added that Arab and international counterparts are indirectly aiding the two parties in order to solve the remaining conflicting issues.

A Palestinian political source said on Sunday that Sharon rejected a Palestinian request to release detainees who were convicted of killing Israelis, but Israel will apparently release some aged detainees.

Also, Israel suggested renewing the work of the conjoint committees, especially the security committee and the committee in charge of eh detainees files.

Weissglass reiterated the Israeli demands which reject the participation of Hamas in the upcoming Palestinian legislative elections, and said that Israel will close the Palestinian areas if Hamas participates.

The two sides did not discuss the issue of transferring ammunition and arms to the P.A security devices. 

Israeli Ynet news website reported that Israel agreed to transfer some light arms from Egypt to the P.A since it might aid them in “fighting Hamas. The Israeli security service Shabak, said that Israel will not agree to transfer advanced arms such as Kalashnikov rifles.

The Palestinian negotiating team said that Israel should implement the Road Map Plan and implement the Sharm Al Sheikh understandings, which include withdrawing from West Bank cities, release detainees, solve the issue of wanted fighters, and allow the fighters who were deported from Bethlehem in 2002 to return.