An Israeli security source reported on Tuesday that the Israel security services arrested Ibrahim Ranimat, who has been on Israel’s wanted list for the last ten years, after charging him of carrying out a series of attacks which left 3 Israeli dead, and dozens injured.

Ranimat was arrested in Surif village, near the West Bank city of Hebron.

The Israeli security also believes that Ranimat is behind the abduction and the killing of an Israeli soldier in 1996, the soldier was identified as Sharon Edri, in addition to holding Ranimat responsible for the 1997 bombing attack which was carried out at café in Tel Aviv; three Israeli women were killed.

Also, the Israeli security believes that Ranimat is involved in a couple of shooting and suicide bombing incidents which left three Israeli killed.

Soldier Sharon Edri was 20 years old when he went missing on September 9, 1996, after leaving his military base in the center of the country at 22 hours. Edri was on his way back home when he was abducted.  

Shortly after the abduction, Red Cross offices in Gaza and Jerusalem received phone calls informing them that a Hamas cell abduction the soldier.

The body of Edri was found on April 10, 1997, near the West Bank village of Surif.

After Edri was abducted, the Israeli security establishment said that the information regarding the abduction was unfounded, and police investigators assumed that he vanished on purpose due to personal issues and disagreement with his commander.

Then-Jerusalem District Police Commander even said that Edri might have committed suicide, but the family was sure he was kidnapped.

The family contacted the P.A after their son was abducted; P.A officials said that there is no indication that he was abducted by a Palestinian group.