Prisoners Supporters Society reported that Palestinian detainees are facing bad living conditions and treatment in Be’er Shiva detention facility.

The detainees are deprived of proper medical treatment, and are not provided with proper and sufficient food, the society reported.

Ahmad Siam, lawyer of the society reported that the detainees are also abused and humiliated by the soldiers who repeatedly attacked them in their rooms.

Siam met with detainees Ahmad Obeid, Nael Obeid, Imad Al Qawasmi, Fa’eq Bahbooh, Waleed Aqel, Sharif Abu Hmeid, Abdullah Musleh, and Issa Attalla Hamdan.

The detainees informed Siam that they were angered by the soldiers’ behaviors after they forced the mother of detainee Qasem Shibana to take all of her clothes off “in order to search her”.

Several families complained of mistreatment and disrespect during visitations, such as forcing the veiled women to remove their veils, touching their bodies during the claimed searches and other sorts of violations.

Following the incident, soldiers attacked the detainees in their rooms hit them with their batons.

In a separate incident, one of the soldiers shouted at a child as she was visiting her detained father; the frightened child started screaming and involuntarily urinated.

Also, the detainees complained that the food provided to them is of a very bad quality, and in many cases the food is corrupt and cannot be used for human consumption.

The detainees told lawyer Siam that they do not have enough covers, pillows and mattresses in their rooms, they also do not have washing machines and tools to clean their clothes and covers they use.

Prison administration repeatedly rejected to allow the families bring clothes and other materials to their detained family members, and confiscated the clothes or even food the families brought with them.

Several detainees are suffering skin diseases as a result of dirty rooms and covers, and the lack of exposure to sunlight.

In a separate incident, detainee Fadi Dabbas, was sent to the prison doctor after suffering pain in his eye, but the doctor told refused to examine his eye and told the detainee, “come to me when you loose sight in this eye”.

Detainee Imad Qawasmi is suffering from nasal problems which are affecting his respiration and causing dizziness, prison doctor “prescribed” pain-killing pills.

Qawasmi is currently confined to solitary, and suffering a bad health condition, even his brother, who is detained at the same facility, is not allowed to visit and take care of him.