Palestinian chief negotiator Dr. Saeb Ereikat is scheduled to meet on Friday, with the Israeli vice Premier Shimon Peres for further talks about in bid to resolve the issue of supervision at the Gaza-Egypt border crossing, Palestinian sources reported.

The Palestinian Authority has accepted in principle third-party supervision at this border.

Egypt and the World Bank suggested that the PA and Egypt jointly operate the crossing from Rafah into the Sinai peninsula.

However, the PA is mulling a part of the offer related to installing cameras and other surveillance systems that would allow Israel to monitor the human traffic crossing the border.

No official position of the full proposal has been made yet by both parties.  Israel accepted the third party, but did not specify that its acceptance included Europeans.

Israel claims that if unsupervised, Palestinians will use this border crossing to smuggle weapons to Gaza Strip and that ‘terrorists’ will enter the country.

Israel has suggested earlier moving the crossing from Rafah to an Israeli area called, Kerem Shalom, where the Palestinian, Egyptian and Israeli territories join.

Palestinians argued that the Rafah crossing is a Palestinian-Egyptian border that Israel should not have any authority over.

To help resolving the conflict, the PA agreed to allow Israel to check Palestinian cargo which will pass through an Israeli crossing.