Israeli left-wing activists, who participate in the weekly protests with Palestinians and internationals against the Separation Wall in Bil’in village, west of Ramallah, said that the Israeli army is using its undercover units to provoke the protestors and inflame clashes with the army.

Lizar Falas, an Israeli left-wing activist said on Friday that Israeli soldiers, disguised as Arabs, hurled stones at the army during a protest against in order to inflame violent clashes, Israeli army officials confirmed that undercover soldiers were used in suppress the protest.

“We noticed several unidentified persons, with their heads covered”, Falas stated, “they provoked the soldiers and hurled stones at them”.

Falas added that when locals from the village asked the unidentified me who they are, they claimed that they are Palestinian from Lod, and that they arrived with the Anarchists.

“We immediately knew they are lying, we knew they are soldiers disguised as Arabs as they did not arrive with us”, Falas added, “After they knew that we figured their true identity three army jeeps arrived fast to rescue them”.

An official army source confirmed that undercover soldiers from the “Masada” unit disguised as left-wingers, and infiltrated the protest.

The source also said that this was not the first time the army uses Special Forces in Bil’in, and claimed that the soldiers want to “locate those who incite the crowds”.

Four Palestinians were injured on Friday in Bil’in, and four internationals were arrested, Israeli soldiers also stopped a bus transferring 50 Israeli activists to the village and barred it from crossing.