A Palestinian organization which monitors settlement activities reported on Monday that the Israeli Authorities annexed 1000 Dunams of Palestinian orchards to Rotem settlement in Wadi All Maleh area, east of the West Bank city of Tubas.The settlement is constructed over a mountain which overlooks on the Jordanian territories from the east, and Wadi Al Maleh and Al Farisiyya area from the west.

The annexed lands were fenced by barbed wires, while Israeli bulldozers started them in preparation to expand the settlement; the annexed lands include flat and hilly areas.

Also, settlers of Maskot settlement, 1 km to the south of Rotem, started to install new constructions in an attempt to expand the settlement by annexing huge areas of Palestinian lands.

In a nearby area, heavy machines and bulldozers were seen on Sunday preparing the basis for the new homes in Baskot settlement, close to the main road which links the northern plains with Tubas and Tammoun.

The annexed areas, as well as the rest of the farmlands there, are fertile and include natural resources, such as springs.