Political leaders of Hamas said, on Monday, that the movement did not sign the Code of Ethics treaty regarding the upcoming legislative elections, but the movement will respect it, adding that the latest arrests carried against its members are the reasons which barred the movement from signing it.

Sa’id Syam, a political leaders of Hamas, said that the movement observes the treaty in a positive way, adding that leader of the movement in the West Bank were also preparing the treaty along with representatives of other factions.

“But Israel carried extensive arrested against members and leaders of the movement”, Syam said, “We also lost contact with some figures as a result of these attacks”.

Syam also said that the movement was surprised when an employee of the Central Elections Committee brought the agreement for Hamas to sign it. “We cannot sign without discussing it among our leadership, so we asked the committee to give us some time”.

“There are some points which need further clarifications, they aren’t key points but they need to be clarified”, he said, “A special committee at the movement is currently scanning the agreement”.