An Israeli source reported on Tuesday that the Greek police and the Interpol are searching for an Israeli man who went missing last week after heading to Greece for a business trip.

Shmo’el Levi, 66, is a diamond merchant who carries both Israeli and American passports, and entered Greece using his American passport.

The Interpol reported that there is no indication of an attack in his apartment, and that apparently nothing is missing or stolen there.

The Interpol said that Levi’s son traveled to Greece, after loosing contact with his father for a week, and found diamonds in the apartment in addition to his US and Israeli passports.

The Israeli intelligence offered to provide Greece with its “intelligence expertise” in order to locate Levi.

A Greek police source said that Levi might have been abducted by a terrorist organization, adding that the police is inspecting whether he had any relations with the underworld in Greek.