Palestinian gunmen abducted two men in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, on Tuesday, after accusing them of collaborating with the Israeli security.

A newly formed group which calls itself “The Knights of Tempest” claimed responsibility for the abduction. Abu Anan, a spokesman of the new group said that the group abducted the collaborator because the Palestinian security forces “failed to bring to justice the suspected collaborators”.

Tawfiq Abu Khousa, Palestinian Interior Ministry spokesperson, said that the security forces would take the appropriate measures, and will not allow the group, or any other group, to take the law into their own hands.

“Maintaining law and order is the responsibility of the P.A”, Abu Khousa said.

The group displayed the two men hooded, with hands tied, and facing a wall with a group of gunmen surrounding them.

“This marks the beginning of our campaign against those who betrayed their country and people”, Abu Anan said but did not specify what would happen to the abducted men if they are found guilty.

Also, Abu Anan added that the group received information which reveals ties between the two men and the Israeli Security Services, Shabak.

Palestinian armed groups executed several collaborators during the Intifada; the Palestinian Authority also carried death sentences.