Israeli Defense Minister’s Advisor for Arab Affairs, David Hakham, said that the field procedures conducted by the Israeli army and government after the Sunday’s Gush Etzion junction shooting attack, are part of Israel’s actions against the attacks carried out by the resistance groups.

Hakham told Palestinenet news website that the Israeli response is part of what he described as “defense measures” and retaliations which aim to defend the Arab and Israeli residents of Israel, according to Hakham.

Hakham charged that the Palestinian Authority, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, is only releasing statements without actually carrying any practical procedures in order to stop the attacks.

“Palestinian armed groups are still planning to carry further attacks”, Hakham said, “Armed factions, including Fateh, are still planning to attack civilian and military targets”.

Also, Hakham added that the armed groups are placing obstacles in front of the peace efforts in order to bar the progress of dialogue between the P.A and Israel.

“The P.A should act against these movements”, Hakham said, “For their interest and ours, the Palestinian should acts against these attacks”.

“Abbas should act immediately, and dismantle the armed groups”, Hakham added, “We cannot go back to the negotiations table before he does that, there cannot be any peaceful solution without stopping the attacks”.

Hakham reiterated the statements of the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, and said that the resistance factions moved their activities from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank after the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

“Shifting their attacks from Gaza to the West Bank will have very negative aspects on the resumption of peace talks”, Hakham said.