Palestinians, stranded at the Egyptian side of the Rafah Crossing began a hunger-strike in protest of the ongoing closure of the crossing, local radios reported on Tuesday.

The reports said some 50 Palestinians among them women and children were stranded at the crossing and decided to start a hunger-strike.
Many stranded people demanded that the PA resolve their problem as soon as possible.
The stranded Palestinians said they had been living under very difficult conditions for the past five days with not enough milk or food for children.
Director of crossings Salim Abu Saffeya announced on Monday that the Rafah Crossing would only be opened on Saturday and Sunday of next week.

Abu Saffeya said the deal was made between Egypt and the PA to open the crossing only for pilgrims and Palestinians who had been stranded at the crossing for several days.

He added that the crossing would again be open for two days during the Eid Al Fitr after Ramadan.

Abu Saffeya also said the Palestinian side is holding intensive contacts to reach a final agreement on a permanent solution for the Rafah Crossing before the Muslim holidays.
Sabri Saidam, Minister of Communications who is in charge of following-up the crossing file, expressed fear that Israel might use the latest West Bank armed attack as an excuse to hinder the opening of the crossing next Saturday and Sunday.
Saidam told reporters that the PA intends to open the crossing as soon as possible especially as the humanitarian crisis is worsening by the day.
Israel meanwhile, canceled a meeting scheduled between the private technical Palestinian and Israeli committees to discuss the Rafah terminal.