Palestinian Ministry of Interior and National Security denied, on Wednesday, denied reports published by the Israeli military intelligence claiming that ten members of Al Qaeda network infiltrated into the Gaza Strip through the Sinai desert.

Tawfik Abu Khousa, the ministry’s spokesperson, said that the Israeli claims are part of its extensive media campaign against the Palestinian Authority ahead of Abbas’ visit to the United States.

“Such statements are meant to fail the efforts Abbas is making to end the conflict”, Abu Khousa said, “Israel aims to increase the international pressure on Abbas and the P.A”.

Also, Abu Khousa stated that the P.A is conducting extensive efforts in order to maintain law and order, and control the security situation in spite that it lacks weapons and ammunition and other equipments.

Abu Khousa reported that the Palestinian security devices will conduct in the near future, a wide-scaled operation against outlaws, drug dealers, and all sorts of chaos and insecurity.

The P.A will also evacuate the lands which were illegally controlled by some groups and residents in the evacuated settlements in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, is expected in Washington on Thursday. He is expected to demand the American President, George W. Bush, to pressure Israel in order to dismantle all illegal settlements outposts, and to help in ending settlement expansion in the West Bank.

A senior Israeli source reported that Abbas will be facing “tough questions” regarding the security situation, and ending the attacks carried by Palestinian factions against Israeli targets.

The source added that the visit will not have and “surprising results” which could weaken the Israeli position.