An extremist settlers group of the Ma’oun illegal settlement outpost, which is constructed on Palestinian annexed lands, east of Yatta village south of Hebron, attacked homes and properties in the nearby Al Litwani area.

Saber Al Hreiny, head of Al Litwani village council, reported that settlers carried a series of attacks, on Tuesday at nigh, against the residents and their properties.

“The settlers attacked shepherds, homes and farmers”, Al Hreiny stated, “The Israeli army, intensively deployed in the area, did not attempt to evacuate them”.

Damage was reported in a number of homes, in addition to a car, which belongs to Hafeth Al Hreiny, and a tractor which belongs to Hisham Saber AL Hreiny.

Al Litwani is one of 14 areas which belong to Yatta. Soldiers and settlers carried repeated attacks against it in an attempt to expand Israeli settlements there.

The families were living in residencies constructed using stones, metal plates and wood, after the army barred them from constructing homes.

In 1991, the Israeli high court ruled that the families in Al Litwani should be evacuated from their homes, but the implementation of the court’s ruling was postponed for six years, after the families filed several appeals.