An Israeli source reported on Thursday that Israel will delay the implementation of its E1 project, which aims to link Maali Adumim settlement with Jerusalem from the east. The move comes in order to avoid American pressure and to gain its support during the visit of Abbas to the White House.

The Israeli radio reported that Israel will construct a police station in the area, which is also part of the E1 project, which was approved by the Israeli government.

An Israeli police commander in Jerusalem claimed that the construction of the police station comes to serve the “Israeli security needs”, and that Israel will have to dig roads and build the infrastructure in the area.

Israel plan to construct 3500-4000 houses which will link Maali Adumim with the east of Jerusalem thus blocking geographical unity of the Palestinians areas.

Palestinian officials repeatedly warned that this project kills a future viable Palestinian state, and isolates the east of Jerusalem from its neighboring Palestinian areas.

The United States expressed objection to the E1 project and informed Israel that it apposes its implementation, but Israel said that it finalized the maps and plans in order to construct the new settlement homes.

Due to American pressures, the project was postponed, nor delayed, an Israeli official said.

The decision to delay the construction comes only several hours before Abbas-Bush meeting in the White House, but Israeli political analysts believe that the United States will only express its objection without attempting to pressure Israel.

Haim Ramon, Labor party minister at the Israeli government, said that the E1 project was planned and approved by Yitzhak Rabin, when he was the Israeli Prime Minister, in 1995.

Ramon said that it is important for Israel to conclude the construction of the Wall which will encircle Maali Adumim settlement especially after the United States did not express any objections.

“They might have objections”, Ramon said, “But there did not say anything”.