Israeli soldiers arrested, on Sunday, twelve residents in several areas near the West Bank city of Hebron, and shot wounded one resident, after invading two villages near the city.

The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners society reported that soldiers invaded Al Thaheriyya town near Hebron and arrested five residents.

The office identified the arrested residents as Slaman Al Qaisiyya, 29, Mahmoud Ayed Abu Sharkh, 28, Mohammad Ismail Al Til, 38, Raed Mohammad Al Battat, 32, and Imad Al Wreidat.

A local source in Al Thaheriyya reported that soldiers invaded it approximately at 2am on Sunday at dawn, and broke into dozens of homes in Wadi Tooma, and Al Mashroo’ area.

Dr. Ibarhim Al Hawareen, an employee at Al Thaheriyya Medical Center reported that soldiers invaded the center and conducted military searches before arresting one of the employees, identified as Mahmoud Abu Sharkh.

In the village of Surif, North West of Hebron, soldiers broke into dozens of homes after invading the village, and arrested five residents.

The residents were identified as Ahmad Mohammad Abu Fara, 18, Ayman Abdullah Ghneimat, Anas Fayez Ghneimat, Mohannad Ahmad Ghneimat, and Mohammad Mustafa Ghneimat.

In a separate incident, soldiers shot wounded one resident in Surif and arrested him after claiming that he hurled Molotov Cocktails at an Israeli military jeep during clashes which erupted in the village after the soldiers invaded it.

The resident was identified as Saed Mousa Abu Fara, 20. Abu Fara was injured in his leg, and was transferred by the army to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

A local source in Surif said that soldiers intentionally fired at Ghneimat, who in contradictory to the military reports did not carry a Molotov cocktail with him.