Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, visited the Egyptian President, Hosney Mubarak, on Monday and briefed him on his talks with the American President, and asked for the Egyptian support in the efforts which aim to revive the economical situation in Gaza.

Abbas flew to Amman directly after his meeting with Mubarak, and did not make any comment to the reporters.

Suleiman Awwad, the spokesperson of Mubarak, said that Abbas briefed Mubarak on his talks with the American President, George W. Bush, in Washington, last week.

Following his meeting with Abbas, Bush said that he was not insisting on excluding Hamas from the upcoming legislative elections slated for January 2005, which is one of the main Israeli demands.

Also, Abbas asked Mubarak to exercise more efforts with international leaders in order to help the Palestinians economically after Israel’s pullout from the Gaza Strip, last month; Abbas is expected back in Palestine after his talks in Jordan.