Sa’id Syam, one of Hamas prominent political leaders, told the Palestinenet news website, that Hamas and Fateh movements intend to prepare a document of understandings between the two movements.

The document will include issues regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip after the Israeli withdrawal, the resistance and their arms, and understandings which govern the relation between the political factions.

Yet, Syam added that the document needs further clarifications, but the two movements have advanced in their talks towards a “positive step”, “further talks and meetings are still needed”, he said.

Also, Syam reported that the talks are conducted in the headquarters of the Egyptian security delegate, but with any direct Egyptian interference, “But we inform them of any developments which take place”.

“I can only be optimistic about the document”, Syam said, “we have to be optimistic, but the real issue is not about the document itself, it about implementing it”.