Three Israelis were killed, five injured, in an explosion which rocked an apartment at a residential building in Tel Aviv. The explosion is believed to be criminally motivated.

The Israeli radio reported that the explosion occurred in the third floor of a building in Ben Tzifi Street, in Tel Aviv.

Huge parts of the building collapse as a result of the explosion.

Israeli police believes that the explosion is criminally motivated. “It is apparently related to a dispute my members of the underworld in Israel, an Israeli police source said.

Mageen Adom rescue teams said that the explosion went off inside the apartment without pinpointing the exact location.

Rescue teams recovered three bodies trapped in the rubble of the apartment; several people were rescued after being trapped in lowed parts of the building which collapsed as a result of the explosion.

The three bodies were trapped in the rubble of the apartment, the radio said. People were also trapped in the lower parts of the building, which had collapsed in the impact of the explosion.