Israeli army forces sealed off the West Bank city of Qalqilia on Wednesday afternoon and prevented residents form leaving the city, Palestinian sources reported.

Eyewitnesses said Israeli soldiers closed the gates of the tunnel in the southern entrance of the city, and the eastern entrance, the only side where there is no wall around the city.
Residents believe this siege of the city is related to the latest suicide attack that rocked Hadera Wednesday afternoon which killed five and wounded 30 Israelis.
Qalqilia residents who needed to enter the city were subject to a thorough search.  Female students of Al-Najah University in Nablus said they were thoroughly searched on the when they were stopped at the checkpoint on their way home to Qalqilia.
The Islamic Jihad movement claimed responsibility for the Hedera blast.
Earlier reports after the bombing said that the suicide bomber was a female, before figuring out that the real doer is Hassan Abu Zeid from Qabatia near Jenin.
Residents who are fasting for Ramadan had to break their fast at the checkpoint because they were not allowed to go home until late hours in the night.