Israeli soldiers arrested on Thursday at dawn, six residents in Qabatia and Anza villages, near the west Bank city of Jenin. Among the arrestees, the father of Hadera suicide bombing which was carried out on Wednesday afternoon; five Israelis were killed and thirty injured.

The Maan News agency reported that soldiers arrested Ahmad Hasan Abu Zeid, 60, the father of Hasan who carried the Hadera bombing, Moath Amer Abu Zeid, 18, Omar Imad Kamil, 21, Ziad Mohammad Khazeemiyya, 19, and Mohammad Abu Sinjil, 19 years old.

Soldiers broke into dozens of homes and searched them after forcing the families out, and interrogated several residents, especially the youth, a local source reported.

Also, soldiers broke into the home of Mohammad Amer Abu Zeid, who is wanted by the Israeli security, and fired live rounds at electric equipment in his home before arresting his brother Moath.

In Anza village, southeast of Jenin, soldiers arrested Mohammad Nafe’ Omour, 24, an activist of the Islamic Jihad, after breaking into his home and several surrounding homes.

Israel decided to carry military operations in the West Bank, which will mainly target the Islamic Jihad movement, according to Israeli military sources.

Dan Hallutz, Israeli army Chief of Staff, held a meeting on Wednesday at night with senior army officials and considered resuming extensive military operations in the occupied territories.

The military operation which was approved by the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and the Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, will take place in two fronts; the northern West Bank and the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Yet, a senior Israeli source reported that Israel will practice “some restraint” in order to avoid weakening the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, ahead of the upcoming Palestinian legislative elections.

Also, Israeli officials decided to increase their efforts to exert international pressure on the Syrian headquarters of the Islamic Jihad while Syrian is facing international inspection over the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al Harriri.