As part of its campaign targeting Islamic Jihad operatives, some 50 Israeli military vehicles invaded the West Bank city of Jenin and arrested Sheikh Abdulhalim Izziddin, 37, leader of the Islamic Jihad movement in the city, and three others.

Maan News Agency, reported that troops surrounded his house for more than one hour before they managed to arrest him.
The Israeli army has launched series of operations that will target Palestinian resistance groups through the West Bank in the aftermath of Wednesday’s suicide bombing in Hedera, in northern Israel which claimed the lives of five Israelis including an Arab.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared that the campaign will be nonstop until the Palestinian resistance ends, accusing the Palestinian Authority of being idle towards ‘terrorism’.
Israeli army has also shelled the northern Gaza Strip in the early hours of Thursday morning claiming they are trying to stop Palestinians from launching home-made shells from these areas at Israeli targets.
Moreover, Israel decided to re-shut the crossings from and to Gaza Strip after they were re-opened for one day.
The crossings were reopened after the Israeli Minster of Defense Shaul Mofaz met with the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and other Egyptian officials and agreed on the issue of the Rafah crossing which connects the Gaza Strip with Egypt.