The Israeli army is planning to create what was deszcribed as a “security zone” in the Gaza Strip, which includes installing an artillery battery in the southern part of the Gaza Strip by the end of the coming week.

The decision to create the “security zone” was made during a special session to evaluate the situation in the Gaza Strip. The plan will include creating closed military zones which include artillery battery bases that will automatically fire at any resilient who enters these areas.

According to Israeli military sources, the artillery bases will be installed in areas used by the resistance to fire homemade shells at Israeli targets. Yet, some military sources fear that even this new base will not be able to stop the launching of the homemade shells from the Gaza Strip.

On Friday morning, soldiers deployed an artillery battery opposite the southern Gaza Strip, another battery is already operational near the north of the coastal strip, an Israeli military source reported.

Another artillery bases will be installed in the southern part of the Gaza Strip in order to create a circle range which could hit any target in the entire Gaza Strip.

A senior source at the Israeli army claimed that this decision was made after Israel received information that the resistance in Gaza intends to resume shelling targets in the south of Israel.

Earlier on Saturday, Soldiers fired 14 missiles, at what was described as open areas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, used by the resistance to fire homemade shells against Israeli targets.

A local source in Beit Lahia, in the northern part o the Gaza Strip, reported on Saturday morning that at least one missile fire by the Israeli F16 fighters exploded near Al Manshiyya residential area, no injuries were injuries. Heavy damage was reported to roads, water and sewage lines.

Electricity was knocked in the shelled areas after the main transformer was also targeted by the army.

Over the last two days, Israeli soldiers killed eight residents, dozens were injured, in several shelling attacks and strikes carried out in the Gaza Strip.