Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, threatened on Sunday that he will order his army to strike hard if the resistance fires homemade shells at the Israeli coastal areas.

Sharon told his government on Sunday that Israel “cannot ask its residents to live in shelters”.

Commenting on the statements of Mofaz who said that “this generation” will not arrive to a permanent peace deal with the Palestinians, Sharon said that these statements only resent Mofaz’s personal opinion.

“We must fight terrorism, and arrive to a peace deal with the Palestinians”, Sharon said.

Also, the Israeli radio reported that the head of the General Security Service, Avi Diskin, said that there are several “hot warnings” of attacks planned by Palestinian resistance factions. The claimed attacks are said to be planned mainly by fighters of the Islamic Jihad.

Yossi Koperwasser, head of Israeli intelligence’s research department, slammed the Palestinian Authority and claimed that it is unable to control the Palestinian areas, and “is not even conducting any effort to do so”.